Monday, December 20, 2010

A short conversation with eric

*picture under construction*
The-Who !?
Name: Michael Bernadit
Nickname: KeL,mackie,mike
Birthday: 03-24-91
Interest in your life: Friends!!!!
Musics: rnb, acoustic and rap music.
Foods: kahit ano nman ee. hehe
Books: meron ba? haha. igoogle na lang kasi. Ü
movies: all jackie chan movies. basta action.
Rants and Raves !
What are the simplest things that make you..
happy?…gala lang. tapos gadget. hehe
sad?…family and love problems.
mad?..pinapahiya,yung mayabang
inlove?…hehe..basta love at first sight. sa GF ko. Ü
excited?… none
Give 3 interesting facts about you
1. joker
2. friendly
3. on the go lagi. hehe.1 joker
Question about me and you
Who is Eric? and Define Eric in One W0rd.. friendly
how did you get to meet Eric? and where? my college classmate and friend.
How long have you been friends with Eric? almost 2 years :)
whats your favorite thing about Eric?..super duper friendly. sobrang bait.
Message for Eric and blog readers.
keep it up. i know someday you will be a successful web developer.
basta. kahit anong career piliin mo i know mgagawa mo kc
masipag ka. basta thanks for the friendship kahit di tayo
super duper close. basta if may problem ka dito lang ako.
Goodluck saten tropa. hehe .
Thank sa pag sagot :) 2ng blood ka sumagot nito thank sa effort and time
wow web developer talaga?? don’t worry pag may tanung kayo dont be shy ako lang ang shy sa 4A
good luck sana makapasa tayong lahat


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